Calling your Spiritual Guide


Guides come to guide you; they are not in charge.
You are.
You are not their boss.
Guides are numinous embodied energy.
Embodied as a recognizable being, they arrive in many shapes and sizes.
It does not matter what culture a person comes from, angels, jaguars, wolves, porcupines, phoenixes, can appear.
The shape they come in tells us something of the nature of the energy they bring to assist us, or what it is we need to work with ...
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Artists of the Spirit



" The breath, the vessel about me, a quickening, moves down, in.
The many coloured flames in a circle were a surprise and delight as I entered my sanctuary
A long, copper serpent set on a wall covered with the blood red leaves of fall.
The serpent had a fin all down its back. I called it the Copper Fossil serpent.
I was nervous about this snake. The whole area felt of snake…"

Our inner journeys abound with metaphors, synecdoches and hue filled images from our psyche.
The allegories of our inner landscape are of assistance to us in our manifestation from the intangible into the tangible.
With discernment, we can throw a bridge across the chasm that separates the sublime from the density of the 3D world;
we can shape shift our way of life on the planet ...
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And what about Shamans?

Capable of Causing eclipses by Swallowing the Sun

Capable of Causing eclipses by Swallowing the Sun


Shamanism has blossomed these past years and rightly so, as it is very needed on our Earth at this time.
But what of the shamans? How do we know who is real, who is true?
As I have walked this path, I have come across many shamans,
shamans from indigenous cultures who may have been great healers but have taken advantage of the energy of others,
while other shamans who have not been initiated into any particular culture, but they are impeccable in their work.
Some shamans are full of ego, some have incredible gifts and talents, and some are just for show ...
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Dendrite Attraction

Complexity theory and quantum physics have shown the primal uncertainty of our understanding of being in this world.
Explorations of how the brain functions and neuropsychology during a shaman’s journey link philosopher Martin Heidegger’s debate that understanding is “always ahead of itself”
thus projecting expectations that interpretation attempts to clarify.
Physicist John Von Neuman’s says that “we futuristically collapse a wave function in ways that cause a fundamental, unknowable disturbance in the system”...
creating and spontaneously bringing into existence something that did not exist before.
Therefore, it can be said that we “know” already, what the synecdoches and metaphors mean,
when they are retrieved from our inner conscious by a shaman artist who brings them forth in creation.


Land Spirit in Tuscany

Snow snake

I lay down in the forest on the thick winter brown leaves to communicate with the spirit of the land, the rounded mountains. I asked to be see how it is. I was shown deep red rivers running down the mountain sides. Tree roots twining and bifurcating from the banks, expanding and plaiting, forming bridges across the red. Then under the rivers, more red, warm, covering the countryside. And deeper still, the fire. I was told that the volcano fires were close, too tight with energy. I asked if there was anything I could or should do. The spirit of the land asked me to unwind some of this energy. Later, in the snow covered patches, I uncoiled the energy by teasing out a serpent in the snow. My intention was to gently let go some of the tension caught up in spiral.

Transforming serpent softly melting into our earth.


Experiential Session 01

J and J dancing


After the eclipse, Julian and Julia - cranio sacral therapist and belly dance teacher, as well as being a great woman -
and I had one of our discussion and dance sessions.
The discussions centered around the theme of quantum effect, sometimes in great depth, ranging from how
photons of light move and their characteristics. We spoke of the different energies and frequencies that hold us together.
We covered the types of forces in these nano-spaces as well as the effects of curved space, light, and crystalline structures, etc ...
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