I have participated in group exhibitions and my work has been sold in USA,Germany, Japan and South Africa. Please view my website page for more information. You will find images of some of my work on the fine art page. Under the heading paradox paintings on the Fine Arts page, is a set I did while pursuing my Visual Arts degree from the University of South Africa,UNISA.


Conceptual focus followed by a brief synopsis

I am a practicing shaman of The Red Road variety as well as a student of Kabbalah. The following paintings are an expression of my shamanic journeys and explorations of Judaic texts.

Primarily the work is about following patterns, tracing them, finding them, following where the metaphors and my guides have taken me in my journeying.

At the beginning of each painting, I have randomly place some strings. These are my personal version of quantum physics’ “string theory”. The selected quotes and imagery grow together.


In the Light of Lilith

Adonai artwork

Oil on canvas (1.20m x 97cms)

“For beauty is nothing but the beginning of terror which we are barely able to endure and are awed because it serenely disdains to destroy us.”
--- Rainer Maria Rilke

This is a painting about the archetype of Lilith which I have traced through Babylonian, Egyptian and Hebrew texts. Usually she emerges as a dark plutonic beauty, the bearer of the demons and devourer of children. I am presently writing a paper about her. She conveys a sense of sublime, the terror of the fat snake next to the sweet flowers-projecting discomfort within our comfort zone of beauty. For me she is an authentic and strong woman as opposed to Eve.

The painting was difficult to follow, to hold delicately. Each flower has her own story and needed attending to.


I am to my Beloved as My Beloved is to Me

Adonai artwork

אֲנִי לְדוֹדִי וְדוֹדִי לִי
--- Song of Songs 6:3

Oil on Canvas (97cms x 1m.20)

The patterns on the jaguar’s coat remind me in places of the Hebrew letters.

Jews have, for a long time, been reading the same texts in a certain order, imprinting and tracing cycles. I am somewhat more organic and this piece was in part about learning order and discipline in that the jaguar coat has incredible order that is not at first apparent. I have represented this learning in the “lamed” (the letter, לְ) ‐ a bit like a snake, that poured down from the top of the painting ‐ which has, as one of its meanings,”learn”. This is an example of one of the layers of the painting.


Tallis and American Indian owl feather dance fan

Adonai artwork 

Oil on canvas (97cm x 1m.20cm)

Two sacred items: each with a story of guidence and wisdom for me. While painting this, there was an owl hooting outside for many nights. 


You raised my soul from the lower world

Adonai artwork

יְהוָה הֶעֱלִיתָ מִן-שְׁאוֹל נַפְשִׁי
--- Psalm 30:4

Oil on canvas (97cm x 1m,20cm)

Shamanically speaking the writings of Psalms, the Bible and the Zohar are so very beautiful. They “read” differently about the soul. I experienced this wonderment while making this painting. A sense of the Divine.


The Keepers of the Wall took my veil from me

 Adonai artwork

נָשְׂאוּ אֶת-רְדִידִי מֵעָלַי, שֹׁמְרֵי הַחֹמוֹת
--- Song of Songs 5:7

Oil on canvas(97cm x 1.20cm) 

The work “took” in Hebrew can also be understood as “endure”. This changes the meaning in this particular piece a lot for me.

 I am fascinated by the fact that because most of us can’t understand Biblical Hebrew, we take the usual translations for granted...but our understanding is so much more when we go deeper into these mystical texts.

 In the above piece, my notion was that the connotation of having one’s veil taken is of lack of choice and a violation, but when one looks at it as the veil being endured (or suffered, which mean to bear, or carry, as another nuance of the Hebrew) then the sense of it becomes that the veil, our personal mantle, was held on our behalf.

 Earlier in that particular verse, it is said that “I was wounded by the guards” and my version is that that is part of our testing for our growth.

 I can sit with a letter, or piece for weeks 

The snake is the Shamanic medicine about transformation and power.

Water Patterns

 Adonai artwork

Oil on Canvas (65cm x 76cm)

 We lived to a tidal marsh in America for a while. Every day the water came in and when she left, the grasses followed her eddies, making these patterns.

 During this time there was a horse in my journeys that showed me my message of breathing in as the tide. As I breathed in, the tide came in, as I breathed out I could see what I made manifest, as was reflected in the shapes of the eddies of the grasses.  


Condor Dream

 Adonai artwork

Oil on Canvas (65cm x 76cm)

This piece is painted as two parts. The lower part is of a dream of a condor, whose back I was riding on. This represents the lower or spiritual world of dreams.

The upper piece is where I was in the daylight in Sedona, Arizona in a Cherokee hogan facing east with the sun coming in the door. This part represants the middle world, the physical, in shamanistic cosmology.


Galactic Centre

  Adonai artwork

Round oil on canvas about 60cm in diameter

 Whilst lying on a jetty next to the Breede river near Vermaklikheid, South Africa, I watched the stars...

 The following are a selection of small drawings.There are more. At present I am working on a couple of complicated large ones that will complete the oeuvre of this work. I have beautiful woodern frames for the latter.


Adonai artwork

This wolf  tracked me for months.


Adonai artwork

 From the journey of the Vesica Pisces in Boston.